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Nowadays the market of business aviation in Russia is developing at a special pace. Constantly growing demand for the services of business aviation can be explained by general development of economics as well as by unique features of Russian business: ordering an aircraft is becoming essential for successful life of businessmen and large companies.

One of the main services offered to our customers is renting an aircraft. We also arrange custom-tailored charter VIP-flights.

We will arrange a flight according to your requirements and expectations.

Personal schedule and flight route allows you to save your time significantly and reach places of destination unavailable for regular flights.

Airport attendance in VIP-terminals enables you to pass all the procedures in comfort and without delays.

Modern equipment and impeccable cabin design in a VIP aircraft will give you an opportunity to have a perfect rest, to hold negotiations or a business meeting.

Catering aboard is provided in accordance with requirements of passengers and will satisfy the most sophisticated taste.

Modern fleet, experienced crew and professional management will guarantee a safe flight and maximum comfort during the whole flight.

We arrange corporate charter flights and flights for sport teams.

Depending on the targets we will work up an optimum alternative and select an aircraft matching your requirements and budget.

A spacious and comfortable aircraft, prompt service in airports of your departure, custom-tailored catering – all this allows to arrange a high-level flight.

We will settle all possible changes of your route, flight schedule and quantity of passengers at any time and within the shortest time.

You are welcome to order an aircraft right now!

Our managers are available 24 hours 7 days a week.